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Into outer territories.

‘So this is how we would've ended up?Smelly mugs on a pike.’ Ninae said as they continued upwards on the hill.
‘These tribes always have a way of welcoming strangers.’Borus grinned. ‘They are not that skilled in the art of battle however,
unless they fight some poor merchants on their way towards the city. They were in way over their heads.’
The charnel smell was so strong that Ninae avoided to breathe through her nose, having the taste of rotting flesh in her mouth wasn’t quite ideal either. ‘Love what they've done to the place, very lovely. Can’t wait to be uphill though, with the wind blowing away from us.’ Borus laughed as he looked upon the sallow face of Ninae as she stroked the sweat from her brow. ‘Only an untraveled girl like you would assume that it get’s better after this. Better hold onto your stomach, you ain’t seen nothing yet.’

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