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Priest of the great black sky.

Rotgar fought to remain alive as his mangled and crushed body was lain on the warm marble floor of the temple. He did not want to die, not from losing a worthless fight for vengeance. This was the only way.
The Bloodrite began with the haunting sounds of the Blood priests hymns, exhilarating his body in a feverish state. The barely lit room was damp and the air thick allowing a single streak of light from a hole in the ceiling.
One of the priests broke the circle of hymning men and moved towards the beam of light with his body flat over the floor like a slithering reptile. The chanting became louder building up to a sudden silence as the priest arrived at the beam of light.
The silence felt louder than any sound Rotgar had ever heard, something was about to happen. . (continue reading this story here: Read the story on the official Caldyra website: